Saw Allie on the Facebook... Looked through her friends... went to Myspace... Is it good to make such programs like FLEX? You live in different country for a year, you try to adapt, you try to make friends, you try to be them, to blend in and after that you are just leaving without knowing of ever coming back... What about ties made with such an effort? What about those who liked everything there better? I had a friend whose family environment was not so good, she went to America with me, she could never stop spilling tears on the way back, she couldn't talk to anyone. All because smn was nice to her, nicer than her Mom... I'm sure she meant nothing for them. It's almost always like that. Even me...I didn't try to make heartbreaking ties there, but I got to know so many ppl... Known or not they left their trace in my life, during that challenging year. I am going to America, but to the North and just to compare. It's going to be a bit later. But I still wasn't going to see them, I wouldn't be able to even if I wanted. They all are graduates now, probably all around America. And though most of them weren't my friends, I didn't like that place enough to want to come back and settle, I still somehow feel like I miss them all... One of them more than all others. Which still doesn't make any difference. Several skeletons in the dark corner of my heart... So why does it hurt so bad if they didn't mean much to me??

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