So, I hate the end of the conferences(((
I get to know people who really are amazing, and I just can't let them go...
And I hate saying "Good bye"... And I hate sugar cubes...
And the moment of leaving was soooo long((
You know, it's better to go away without ever turning back. Cause if I meet anyone in the future - than it has to be like that. If not - why look into yr past? Why ever look back? It won't make the moment of leaving easy.
Yeah, the conference really made me think at almost every side of my life. I met very different people. And each of them gave me smth small or big to learn and think about. Loved it.
And all the psycology "fluffy" stuff too))))))))))
Enjoyed every single moment from the first day till the end.
Decided on what to do next with my life. Solved several challenges. Looked at the world. Learned a lot for myself.
LCP stuff kinda.

Now start thinking of all the changes to make in my LC.

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