Always wanted to go to Deutschland) Never knew why. Was scared to go not to be disappointed...

Now I'm in Berlin in the hostel. Just returned from the city and going to a pub in an hour. Alone. You know, there is some special feeling about travelling alone - you see a lot. You don't need to follow other person's wishes on where to go and what to visit... A lot of time for thinking... I feel like I start thinking too much))

So, anyways, Berlin, Germany... Just fell in love with it... Don't know why - weird feeling - like I've always lived here. Everything looks so familiar and close to heart... I definitely love travelling))

Started using this word too much... Self - convincing... lol

Tomorrow some more of Berlin and way home) A bit tired - plus a lot of stuff to do at home: uni tasks, chairing at the @IS, LC managing... Challenges & challenges...
Againg trying to balance out personal life and @.

Plans, thoughts, goals.
Being an overachiever again and again. Developing and getting stronger with every single minute at every sphere of my life.