Today was one of the most productive days in my whole term.
At the moment I feel 100% that I'm doing everything perfectly the right way, just how it needs to be done. Such a rare feeling)))
And this is good cause yesterday or the day before yesterday I just didn't know what to do - not one thought) Guess, now is the biggest challenge of my term. I've developed so much during last several days - thnx to my team.
Today I made one of the awesomest LCMs. I was talking about the emotional intelligence competency and its importance in times of emotional breakdown and demotivation. You know, the psychology stuff - self-awareness and taking the control over your own emotions. That was a big challenge for me at the beginning myself cause I am so emotional. Not now though. One developes such a nut shell during his LCP XP. Now I can control my feelings pretty good. No, not feelings, of course) Just emotions.
The other interesting issue was the qn about where should you stay - on the neutral side or positive... I looked through some materials and they say that you have to be balanced out to see all the effects - both positive and negative. But is it like that in ordinary life and is it the same in AIESEC. Guess I stick to the point of view that it is still better to stay more optimistic in real life but to be closer to the middle in AIESEC - to foresee the problems and to be ready to solve them. Interesting stuff.
Think of making list of the books which made big impact on my mind and mindset.
Just totally happy. With everything.
This is the positive momentum right now. And yesterday there was the negative.
Gosh, I wonder how much the stuff we believe in affects our life. It would be sad if all the things I discover for myself work just because I believe they work))))
So, yeah, need to get the momentum back and get balanced out.
Another interesting thought - but is it worth it? I love feeling strong emotions. They are sometimes the only thing I know 100% is real. But if I will always be balanced out, will life try to swing me back and forth again and again? Another thought to think about)
No definitely, you get proofs of the stuff you believe in - just cause you notice only those proofs, I guess.
Weird, though I didn't get enough time to sleep last night, and I feel very tired now, it feels like being exactly the "popcorn machine" - Dey's expression) Thoughts just pop up in my head every second.
Anyways, tomorrow is 2,2 yrs. Ready to enjoy the moment) Need to make sure its really 2,2 yrs)))))))))))) Bad with dates)))) Last time didn't remember any of the birthdays of my family exactly. What a shame - and I consider myself being a good person.
Going to sleep. Wanted to read first - didn't open a book for several days now - with a lot of stuff going on around. Too bad. The book has some interesting material to think about. I think, I gonna start quoting things I really like. It's name is "Blink" btw, by Malcolm Gladwell. Worth of reading. Some interesting points about relationships btw ppl which can be applied to many things beside all that 'true love' topic. And about other weird unconscious mechanisms running in ppl's heads and being unexplainable.
Hear it? Pop, pop, pop....
Need to calm down and go restore my sleeping cycle.
Overachiever. Proud to be LCP. Motivated. Trying to reach emotional balance now)
Next things to talk about on LCMs - capitalizing on weaknesses and social enterprise. Looking forward to elections)

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