I can not beleive it!

Today was the first day I felt like I was an extra person in my LC! It feels so weird. I've never felt so away from them...

It's almost over. I built up new team. New leaders who will take my LC somewhere I'm not even sure where. And I won't be there for them in couple of months any more. And I'm the last person of 2009. Cause they are 2010. Loosing the connection, further from the roots.....

My term just rushed through....

I can not beleive that my life in my LC is almost over. OMG, this is the place I gave away myself 100% all the time of 2,5 years!!!!! I did not live in the world, I lived in my LC. That is piece of me. And I will leave this piece behind. And be somewhere else.

LCP XP - irreversible, unforgettable, unrepeatable, totally crazy and priceless.

Simply priceless.

So this all leaves me huge qn: what do I do next? where is the right way to go?

And what do I still want to leave after myself?

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