Tired))) In a good way))) Today I was at the seaside celebrating my friend's birthday)) Guess what? Only such girl like me could forget to take a swimsuit))))))))))))) But I couldn't, of course, resist sunbathing, so I had to do it in my underwear))))) That was not all that fun)))) but I had to))) Oh, I also met a guy there who once was very close to me. That is a long story and not everything was good at that time. But today I was so happy to see he was so fine!!))) Seriously!!)) I met him for about half a year ago and he looked like a person without any goals or even desire to live. And I couldn't get anything out of him(( But today he was quite normally looking and behaving and talking)))) He hasn't had that easy life... Neither one of us had... But everything was good today!)))) So I'm happy for him!)
Then, I'm so glad we are now so close with all my university girls) Some of them, of course, have their own stuff in their heads but I can understand all of it)) For example, one of them today tried to prove me that @ is just a waste of time)))) She had been trying to do it for a long time. I even got tired of it)) The funny thing - she doesn't know anything about our life))))) And she is a kind of person who never agrees with the fact he is wrong(( So that was quite tiring( But it's ok)) We decided to have several pj parties when my Mom will leave! OMG, it's so soon. 1 week and she'll go to Greece. I'm so glad she's already been in so many countries)) Almost everywhere in Europe))) And I will have 14 days of independent life))))) So I'm going to throw a couple of parties)) But, shush! That's my little secret)))
And tomorrow I have some work with my americans)) The bad thing is that I won't be able to go to that @' training about raising(( And that would be so useful for me(( But everything happens for good so I guess it is be better for me not to be there. And my pupil is coming tomorrow and after that I have another bday celebration!! My dear Grandfather is 83!! 83!! Seriously!! I really love him though he is not my real Grandpa)) He has an ideal personality!! He is so smart and funny and patient! Really, he manages to live with my Granny))))
Today one of my friends told me that if I stop using make up and take of my nails she will have to take me to the monastery)))) That's cause I refused to smoke with her))) As to alcohol, they made me promise that I at least smell their wine)))) Well, I did it))) We all had a good time)))
And I will also never be tired of falling in love again and again with my favourite city and the nature around it and the sea. I'm so totally an outside person))) I now think it was my city's energy which helped me to cure myself. Such a little miracle. And very big one for me)) When you get sick - it's a sign that something in your life is going wrong and you have to change!

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