I love myself!)))) Only such person like me can forget some things or/and people which were the center of his life couple of days ago. Of course, that's not very good. From one point of view. And from another - it's just wonderful! That way I know which of my feelings and desires are real. And which of them are fake)) And I constantly need to be under some emotions - from events or people - doesn't matter. Any emotions. After some period of time which is different every time, I forget all of it and need something new. And if I don't get anything new I go blue and sad(( That's so me. Like all of it! So I'm in search of something new now))
Yesterday was not very interesting except that I was told that I look good standing next to the building where they register marriages. Like, no way!))) And we celebrated my Grandpa's bday. My pupil decided not to come to me. Will have to be more strict with him next time(( Yeah, I'm getting worried about my dreams. Dreams are very important part of my life. I still often fly at night, and my dreams are always very bright and colorful and almost always make sense. Dreams were the first sign which told me that I was getting healthy back in July. So yeah, the problem is that I stopped flying or swimming(( I have some quest dreams now with a lot of familiar people though I hardly ever had many people in my dreams, especially familiar ones. I don't like it. I want my dreams back!!!!
Also yesterday we went out to chat at night with my Best friend. God, he's like my family. More than him I trust only my Mom. Though we also have some topics we rather don't discuss with each other. But in everything else - he's my closest one. Like most of my good old friends are guys. You can't be real friends with a girl. I have couple I can call friends of mine but... Guys are better. May be I am over perfectionist but guys' definition of a 'friend' is so much closer to me)) I can call my Best friend at night and suggest to go somewhere till 10 in the morning and he'll agree)) So yesterday we went to the park and had fun)) Till 2 a.m.)))) And there were swings))) I love swings)) Feels like you're flying))
And today I also had work)) By the way there are some problems with one of the families but I think everything will be fine. And that was not my mistake... I'll see... Also I met one of my old friends today. A future doctor))) Making some network))) Goodness, he's drinking more and more((( I start worrying for him. Anothing thing is that today I've learned how to make perfect bbq)))) Have to try it when Mom will be gone)) That would be another cool day somewhere in the forest))) And tomorrow I have not much to do at all. Well, then I will watch several movies cause number of them on my computer is increasing and I don't have time to watch anything. Bad thing is that in @ your work depends on so many people(( I could already finish everything but I have to get different pieces of information from different people(( That sucks. Especially when fresh OCP of your project suddenly leaves @ at all. Planning on going to the movies tomorrow. Though the schedule of this week is so weird - same movie 2-3 times a night. I guess the place where they have all the films probably got burned to the floor))) Well, we'll see))

I'm all so complete and almost happy)))) Cause I'm completely free from my own thoughts)))

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