The day've been kind of slow... Today I decided to sleep through half of it though usually I don't do this. I personally think the time which has been used for sleeping is a wasted time. I don't understand people who say that most of all in their life they enjoy sleeping. Or it's their hobby. You have to be completely unmotivated and uninteresting and lazy to sleep all day... But today I got up at 1 pm. Just because I didn't have to go anywhere. That's why I didn't feel so good afterwards. Like overslept. Good thing that I was flying in my dreams. Bad thing that it was kind of hard and there still were a lot of unnecessary people(( But still))) Like in books of Zeland - you just have to wake up and wish for smth inside your dreams and everything you want will come true right away))) Unfortunately, the whole process is much more complicated in real life((
Yeah, the books, I just have to buy Kastaneda in the bookstore. It's not like the kind of books which you can listen in MP3 and I doubt that I'll like reading it on my laptop(( The thing is that it's for about 2,9 Gb on my computer, I wonder how many thick books it's going to be in print??? And I've never seen it in Kaliningrad shops.... Oh, I have to read it though it's not like some theories I'm used to, like Zeland's books. It's written like a tale, a story. A mystic story... Don't like this style. And then I have to start reading my professional books. I know very cool web-page where you can download bunch of them.
This weekend I'm jumping with a parachute. That has to be so cool. First of all, I'll finally fly in real life. Secondly, I'm going to overcome the fear of free falling. Cause the only kind of attractions I haven't tried yet is the one where they get you at some hight and just drop. Then take you up again and drop again. Every other attraction is fine for me. I feel sorry we don't have permanent attraction park for adults. My favorite attraction looks like a huge T with 4 seats on both ends of horisontal bar. So this bar spins around it's middle point and the seats are spinning around themselves. That is so cool. You are totally flying. So yes. I'm looking forward to jumping during the weekend)) Excited)))
Tried to look up any tattoo pics today but I don't like any of them. I still don't know what I want to get and the main thing - where. I don't want my tattoo to be seen immediately.... I want to be able to put on an evening dress so no one will see a tattoo. And I want it to look good at the seaside on the beach... That leaves not very many places. I have couple of thoughts about covering up my scar... But I have to try another medical alternatives first... So it all gets very complicated when I start thinking about it... And I wanted one since like 2006. And I don't like the idea of temporary one. Either I'm getting a real tattoo or nothing at all. I don't like the possibility of having big black spot if smth. Yeah, and I'm not sure about the color either.... Difficult to decide.
Tomorrow will be a lot of @ work and meetings. So I'll be quite busy till like Tuesday which is the X day ))))

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