@@@@@ - whole day))) Everything's cool!!! All projects are going fine. There are some good results. We are cool))) Everything is not so hopeless))))) I'm so glad)))
And the main event of the day: my mentor came back from the internship!!!!)))) I so love her. She is trying to adapt back to Koenig now. And it is so hard to accomplish if everything was so cool previously. I can totally understand her. I was in such condition after the SumMeet( But it's easier for me cause I'm a Gemini. I just need some new emotions)) But she's a Scorpio. Everything is much more difficult for them(( She'll need more time for adapting.
Anyways, there's going to be a Welcome party for her and our new intern from Poland next week. I decided to throw it at home. We'll see how bad it's gonna end)))
Yesterday I was still thinking about my tattoes. And I decide what I want and even where. They all will be very small so not to look vulgar. But today I was suggested a good idea. We have Rec in Moscow and then Natco in St. Petersburg. I can get temporary tattoe during Rec and if I like it I'll get a permanent one during Natco. Sounds perfect. That way I'll decide if I'm ready to get a permanent one and like it's place.
Today due to all the information from @ I felt overloaded first time during this summer. It was at the end of the meeting when I understood that I hadn't understood a word of our Com. No, not like all her words. I understood every each of them separately, but I couldn't get the sense they made alltogether)))
Still jumping this weekend. On Sunday)))) And I guess there will be more people than I thought jumping with me. This will be so awesome)))))
Today my mentor asked me about applying to EB. I would really want it. The thing is that IS manager is not in EB. In other LCs they even don't have such project and we help that way to our Com. And my Boss wants to apply for Com.... And I don't want to compete with him... And I don't want to be an ICX VP... And I don't feel like ER or anything else... If my Boss will be Com we will not need IS then. Gosh everything is so complicated... And I don't want to waste my time in @. Well, we'll see.
Totally need to start doing joga again. Made a small research for our city and found out that I don't like any of places where they give courses of joga. And I want to do some of it in groups with a teacher before doing it alone at home. Well, I chose one place. Need to go find out everything at the Coach. Yeah, that's probably it.
From now on I will try to listen to myself more and try to find several words for my soul state in the end of diary.
Today I feel ------ really free and strong.
Love this feeling)

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