I'm totally flexible))) Today I suddenly got a call from my work and had to change all my plans and go help americans. And you know what??? I really love changing everything around me: direction, plans, people or activities. And the more sudden it is - the better)) Yeah, it's all easy now, when I'm young...
Well, anyways today I marked that I'm walking around the city and laughing at people. They all look so funny and cute. Every one of them has their own life and small truth. I love people. I've always been an altruist but previously constantly got "beaten up" for that(( Now @ gives me an opportunity to help people, and my work gives me an opportunity to help people build their families and give small children a chance to have a better life. And that's why I feel strong and almighty now)) And that's why I'm smiling at people in the streets no matter how crazy they think I am))) I still love them. Just like that)) Though usually it works like "I love people - I just don't show it to some of them"))))) or "I love people until I get to know them better")))))
Met the guy whom I studied with at school. He is in the police college now, drinking, smoking, everything like that. He started telling me stories about what happens at their college when they all get drunk. Seriously, I hate it when guys talk about that. Yes, may be this is funny but can't you see that it makes me make a lot of not very good conclusions about you?! And in the end, it's not so funny! It's tragic. Some guys manage to get out of this drinking period but some don't. And he also kept telling me that all people are the same. God, I can't get tired of discovering something new every time in my friends, and I still can't be sure about their reaction in different situations. Cause it all depends on so many things: from circumstances to even their mood. Our opinions were so different - cause we are different. And what about personality? There are aggressive and cruel people and there are kind and funny ones. Why, are we like same dolls from one factory?? No way. There was another interesting topic we talked about. His brother has just got married. The bride is 20. Another girl from our school group got married. She is 20. I'd thought that the "cursed" age was 22 for girls. 20??? Too early. Guys are still kids at 22, may be girls are mentally more grown up then guys but not at 20. Ridiculous. If you are sure you've found the right person, your person, does it matter when you are going to get married???? 3 years earlier or 3 years later. Or do you just need to tie up someone to yourself?? No, I think there has to be a separate apartment and even some good time period of living together. There has to be a life of one small but fully independent family of adults. Seems like we are going Asia)) Very soon the marriage age for girls will be like 14)))
Another thing almost about that is that today I saw a boy driving a very nice car. My point is that I can't call him a guy, that was a boy, seriously. He seemed to be like 15-16, not more than that. And if he is driving - then he has to be like 18 at least(( Nowadays guys look so small(( And girls - to the opposite. By the way there was one next to him in the car, her appearance was like of 25, though she for sure was less than that. Yeah, unfortunately, guys start looking somewhat like men at 25 or even more. Yeah, well... At least I'm so not going to get married approximately next 5 years))

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