Well. Yes, we did it. Woohoo!!!!! It's quite risky, I should say, jumping with a paraсhute. There was 3-hour training and our instructor was very scary. He was from airborne military people. He was huge, bald and aggressive. But he seemed very funny in the end of the day)) We all became like a family)) So, yeah, there might be so many dangerous situations in the sky when you have to act in a special way and without any panic... Trying to remember all the information and being quite nervous we had to wait until sportsmen made their jumps. And that was cool, cause they had all the height and paraсhutes you could control. But new people get just simple automatic parachutes you can't control and only (!!!!) 600 meters of height. So the jump lasts for only about 1 minute. And first half of it you are trying to check the paraсhute above you - if it is fine, and the second half of it you are thinking about landing))) I didn't have time to look around properly(( Another thing was that I didn't have time to get scared neither when I had to jump out of the plane, nor during the flight down. But it still is like a great deed, like I've overcome something else)) So, yeah, I'm going to jump at least 2 more times. First of all, I'm not going to think about anything but beauty around me next time, secondly, when you jump 3 times - you are considered to be a paraсhuter. And after all it's still very exciting. And next summer I'll go bungee - jumping))
Yesterday I was shocked by the fact that my Mom is leaving actually tomorrow and not on Wednesday, so soon.
Tomorrow I had to go to work but smth happened and I am actually quite worried. Though americans have to be still on their way. Or not. May be they got lost... Goodness, what if something happened to a child, not to them.... Allright. Stop. Everything is going to be fine. Totally fine. Let's wait until I know about everything.
Stupid @ work. I've spent all the day just looking at the pictures on the net for our poster. I'm going to become perfect designer))) Photoshop designer)))
I got one more idea of one more tattoe. Now I'm 100% sure that with that number of tattoe' ideas I'll manage to do at least 1 this year)))
And the worst news is that we are starting our studies on Wednesday(( I was hoping that may be I'll have this week off or smth. But no. They also make me mad with their schedule. I'd rather had 1 full day of courses than 4 days with 1 course a day. So stupid. All the week is wasted. Well, I'm sure I'll find couple of ways to have fun)
And that virtual man appeared to be full of crap. As I was afraid of. Oh God. And I can do nothing for her((( I would give away my life for her if it could help((( That's, by the way, how I measure love. There are only 2 people I would give away my life for. That's how I love them. You just have to ask yourself: "Do you love that person enough to be ready to die for him?" And that's it...

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