Mom is gone. House is empty without her. And I feel kind of lonely though my Best friend is sitting next to me with a beer and shrimp)))
Today there was a lot, no, like A LOT of work for @. And some @ers are so self confident. They like to push a lot without any proper reason but they don't do their work properly. Gosh. I'm tired of all of them. I really would like to go somewhere to different LC and find out how things are going there.
And our studies start tomorrow, wait, no, today. That sucks. Don't want to go there.Still have to turn in an essay.
I feel kind of totally messed up right now. Have you ever had this feeling that you have to be somewhere else, not here, like you don't belong to your nowadays life. The feeling when all people around you seem to be uninteresting strangers of no use for you. I sometimes do feel like that. And it seems that when I will have independent life I'll be so far from here that everything appears so stupid and useless. I know this is only one of the states of my mood. I wish I could control such periods and stay cheerful and funny as usual but sometimes stupid people just drive me crazy. There are so many of them((
And I still don't have any news from americans and something is definitely going on there. But no one tells about it me(( Still worried.
Well, I've been very usefull today so I'd better go to bed. Tomorrow there will be different day and that also means different mood)) That easy))

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