Today was the first day of studies. Surprisingly it went easier than I thought it would.
And today I've been elected the Reception Coordinator. It was almost official though our LCP is still in Malaysia. Honestly, I don't understand why they all wanted to do the elections so fast. I didn't know about the day until last minute. So I actually didn't write out the speech properly. Too bad. Another OCP candidate had it perfect. Though that doesn't matter - we were applying for different projects. The thing is that I was the only candidate for my project so this all is like a joke - all the elections))) Another good thing about that is that VP OGX will send me an EP to match and in some time I'll be a full member))) Cool))
Had a fight with a Boss. Confused with all the people still( All of them want something different))
So today I decided to celebrate my new position and made a special dinner. That was such a mess))))
I'm going to slow down with this diary. I am actually not that kind of person to write everything you think in a diary every single day. That is really tiring(( I just wanted to try it that way first. From now on I'll write only in case I have some very strong feelings about something. Or just when I would want to say smth out loud. I'm thinking about removing the address of it from my page. But we'll see. Now I really don't have anything to write about. No, I actually always have something to talk about, it's just nothing special. So... a little bit of rest during the break))

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